Modernization Means Automation: Forwarding the Future


Modernization Means Automation: Forwarding the Future

One of the jobs with the highest turnover rates in logistics is truck unloading. One way to meet this need is automation and Pickle Robot Company is stepping into the limelight.  Omar Asali, Chairman and CEO of Ranpak, and Pickle Board Member says, “Unloading freight from trucks and containers is a difficult, sometimes dangerous, and always tedious task that is performed in thousands of locations every day. “Operators around the globe are having difficulty filling positions to do this type of work, and Pickle is delivering a real robotic unload system that can help fill the labor gap plaguing the logistics industry.”


However, the industry is finding that automation is also drawing new types of employees, those who are interested in working with these automated processes and machinery. They’re tech savvy and driven, excited about the human-robotics workflow and how that leads to greater efficiency. 


Modernization does mean some kinds of jobs will be eliminated, but experts think that this isn’t a bad thing and is no cause for worker distress. They say that it’s simply changing the nature of what employees are being asked to do. Their positions will evolve to more problem-solving and mental engagement as opposed to manual labor and should become more rewarding. 


These types of changes will also be a draw for recent graduates in technology and this will lead to fresh takes on old challenges and could be transformative in a positive way for the logistics industry as a whole. 


Future Forwarding is just that: future forward. We’ve got a solid foundation on which to build, and the expertise to know how to plant the seeds for organic evolution to keep growing our business to stay ahead of the trends and keep providing that first class service to our clients. If you want to experience the future of cargo today, reach out to us and let us show you how.

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